The Best Homework App for Students in 2021

The education sector keeps evolving, and with various ed-tech startups and online learning, things have changed a lot in the past few years. This has not only led to an extra burden on students but also increased their homework and assignments.

Homework planners and apps are a great way to track your child’s progress and get them the help needed with critical questions that may bother them. Students can easily download the below-listed applications and stay updated about their lectures, homework, tests, and projects, making it easier to follow up with the homework and stay productive in study sessions. 

Another use case of such apps is in the digital world right now. Along with the apps, your child should know how to type on a keyboard, and hence those typing programs would now come in handy.

If you, as a student or a parent and are confused with which homework app to go for, we have brought you this article with the nine best homework apps to do the dealbreaker, so read ahead to find more!

9 Best Homework Apps For Students

Take a look at the best picks of homework apps for students which will ease their workload and help them keep up with their study schedules:


A great way to go paperless and keep your work organized, Evernote is an excellent app for students and professionals to work with. It is an efficient note-taking apl that helps students and workers arrange their thoughts and ideas in a singular app. 

Work anywhere with Evernote as it automatically syncs every note you take in the device to never lose any critical file at the last moments of presenting in a seminar or lecture. If you ever plan to change devices and worry that your notes disappear, the sync option allows you to download them easily from your cloud. 

With Evernote, make your notes more captivating and engaging by the features of adding images, audio files, documents, scans, and PDFS. You can also create tasks in your notes to keep up with your lectures and get consistent output.

Evernote also provides a smart way to save and access notes with its fast search option, saves your scrolling time, and gets your notes displayed instantaneously on your screen. Compact and minimalistic, as a student, you can set goals, lists, schedules, important contacts, and shortcuts to compile your schoolwork in just one application. 

Evernote is the best pick for note-taking and homework planning apps for both students and workers, providing three different plans, from the basic being free to use to premium plans for professionals.


  • Sync and organize your notes.
  • Web clipper.
  • Bring your notes and to-do lists together.
  • Connect your schedules and notes in the Calendar.
  • Templates for faster note-taking. 
  • Search panel to find your homework.
  • Go paperless with document scanning. 

Class Manager 

Specifically designed for students looking to organize and arrange their homework and work according to their schedule, Class Manager is a great way to handle your school and college projects and works right from your iOS device. 

Plan your classes, assignments, homework, and submissions with the Class manager to always be on time and never miss a deadline. With Class Manager, students are provided with a user-friendly interface to link their assignments with class and sort them out based on submission dates, completion status, priority, and the class it belongs to. 

As mentioned in reviews by students, the best feature is that you can set multiple reminders for homework to keep yourself on track. The app will notify you of the due dates of each homework so you will never miss out on your work.

The app covers a wide variety of subjects from Economics, science, computer, math, etc., for homework. You can get easy help from tutors by simply clicking on the “get help” button below every homework assignment. 

The Class Manager is a one-stop app to view all your assignment details and class lists to make an excellent pick for students looking to keep up with their classes and homework. 


  • Know the due dates of homework.
  • Set up homework reminders.
  • View schedules and class lists.
  • Seek tutor’s help for homework. 
  • Plan your schedule easily.


Chegg is the top pick for students looking to get instant results for their homework doubts with the best study tools. It is one of the best writing apps in the market right now that helps your kid with homework.

Chegg has excellent 24/7 assistance from experts and qualified professors. Simply snap a picture of the problem or query in your assignment, upload, and get your answers in less than 30 minutes!

The app also provides results for similar homework problems for better explanation and a clear understanding of the concept. Their vast libraries of answers give you access to almost all the problems that may stop you from finishing your assignments on time. 

500+ flashcard revision helps to memorize faster and tests customized for your courses to have hands-on practice of topics and chapters. Expert proofreaders analyze your tests, so rest assured and get your assignments checked within 24 hours. 

Designed for personal use, track your progress, and update your dashboard to the list of concerns and pointers you wish to work on and get better write-ups with plagiarism checks and citations with Chegg.


  • Homework help.
  • Exam preparation and practice.
  • Videos related to concerning subjects and topics.
  • Subscription-based app.
  • Plagiarism check and expert proofread. 

My Study Life 

Say goodbye to your paper planner with the My Study Life app! Easy to use and free of cost, you can organize your lectures, exams, and assignments without missing a due date.

My Study Life aims to make your student life easier to manage with great features to keep up with your school or college. The app supports week and day rotation timetables and traditional weekly schedules to check on your lectures and important seminars to attend.

Keep track of your homework and projects to stay updated and productive with your subjects of interest with the to-do lists. Reminders and notifications allow you to figure out incomplete projects and upcoming lectures and exams with the My Study Life app. 

The app is compatible with all Android, iOS, and Windows systems, so worry not about missing out on the download button! With the cross-platform feature, keep your notes synced and accessible on various devices from anywhere without losing notes you finished making. 


  • Compatible on all devices.
  • Easy to use and access.
  • Free of charge.
  • Reminders and to-do lists.
  • Organize and manage your planners.

iStudiez Pro 

The best choice for any student, get your daily schedules and tasks just at one glance with the iStudiezPro app. 

The real-time mode feature of this app only shows you the upcoming schedules and what may happen shortly. It makes the application more manageable and easy to use for students looking to keep their planners in check. 

Avoid using sticky notes for jotting due dates and assignments; with this app, you can efficiently deal with the mess of your homework by tabulating all its details in one column and assigning it to your homework. You can sort your tasks based on dates, priority lists, set the due dates, and also track your exam marks all in one. 

Not only this, you can edit and change the priority and status of your homework with just one click. Plan your classes with an excellent planner feature to check your lectures, teachers, holidays, and grades. You will get your subjects sorted based on your GPA and quickly access and edit your classes with the planner. 

Have your notes synced and accessible on any device with the cloud sync feature of iStudiezPro to have your school projects right on your screen in a second!


  • Multi-feature planner.
  • Grade calculator.
  • Cloud-sync.
  • Two-way integration with Google calendar.
  • Reminders and notifications feature.


With new expert explanations, an AI Learning Assistant, and effective flashcards, Quizlet is the best stop to get every kind of help regarding school projects and homework. 

Quizlet offers a step-to-step solution to every query from 64 different subjects, so you will not run out of help at all. It has become the most popular online learning tool in the US, with advanced learning features and various topics covered to help students. 

The more you try and recall a piece of information, the better you remember it. Quizlet offers study tools based on flashcards to maintain consistent learning amongst youngsters and students.

90% of the students reported an upgrade on their marks with Quizlet as it focuses on question types designed for efficient studies, such as MCQs instead of long answer types. The learning assistant of the application also helps you set goals for your studies to achieve better and progressive results. 

With pretesting, Quizlet’s assistant helps you fix your tasks of learning a lesson more effectively than mugging up all the subjects and remembering nothing. Pretesting will keep your recalling power in check between attempting a test for the subjects of the matter. 


  • Flashcards for better learning.
  • Learning AI assistant.
  • MCQ-based questions.
  • Homework helps with step-to-step guides for tough questions.
  • Millions of study sets.


A perfect schoolwork organizer, iHomework is a great portable buddy for iOS devices. With this app, keep your works organized to get them done on time.

With the planner feature, the app encourages you to start your work timely instead of procrastinating. Easily organize and view assignments daily to keep up with your deadlines and work progress at its best. 

A complete calendar view gives access to all the assignments and pending tasks to keep track of your works and estimate the difficulty of the task you face. 

Keep all your essential files segregated according to your liking and access them easily with unique taglines to check your tasks and quickly get to your goals. 

With iHomework, you can see the progress in your studies and track your grade progress. The grading insight feature gives you an easy graphical representation of just the way you get graded in school. 

Manage your courses with the Organizer to keep all your contacts in place and get your grading answers right from the website without having to bug your teachers for questions! With the iMessage feature, you can also send your assignments to and fro and drop quick emails to teachers and colleagues. 

Now track your due dates and pending works right from your Apple watch with the application featured in the device. With premium subscriptions, you can make the most out of iHomework!


  • iOS compatible only.
  • Planner-based application.
  • Track your work and grades.
  • Keep frequent contacts and quick messaging features to send assignments.

Khan Academy 

A non-profitable organization, Khan Academy provides free education to children all across the globe. The application uses interactive features to help students plan and progress their studies with free access from anywhere.

With personalized learning, students get to plan their courses at their own pace of learning and understanding. It makes focusing easier and memorizing constant and fun with various courses to target students’ weak spots.

The application is made using the knowledge and guidance of trusted professors worldwide to provide study materials from K-12 along with competitive tests like SAT and LSAT. You do not have to invest a penny to get your hands on the modules, as it is completely free for teachers and students.

A learning dashboard gives the students freedom to modify and plan their courses to their needs, along with practice test papers and educational videos linked to the topic of interest. 

Khan Academy can be said to be the best app for homeschooling and learning at your own pace. 


  • Free to access.
  • Learn anytime and anywhere.
  • Practice tests and a progress dashboard.
  • Various courses to learn.


Introduced by Google and powered by Google AI, get the pressure off your shoulders and find answers to questions with the Socratic app.

Simply ask Socratic questions, and it will search the entire web to give you the perfect answer to finish your homework and assignments on time. Supporting a high-level education, the app is built to provide the best sources of information to young learners and students. 

With Socratic, you can easily tackle a doubt that stops you from progressing by finding guide videos, clear explanations, and visual concepts to get the best out of learning. 

Wake the app by your voice or camera to ask questions and connect to the multi-space of online education resources and guides for a perfect outcome.

Free to download from the Play store, Socratic currently supports doubts and queries from subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature.


  • Google AI feature.
  • Interactive and user-friendly.
  • Get results for doubts quickly. 

Microsoft Math Solver 

math solver

Are you looking to get help in solving challenging mathematical problems? Microsoft has come up with an excellent application called Math Solver for students struggling with different topics in math and algebra.

With the Microsoft Math Solver, you will get immediate calculated answers to complex math problems concerning pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Simply put your query in the type box, and press enter to get a step-by-step guide on how to do the problem. 

You can also easily create graphs of problems with the graph chart provided in the application to map relations between variables and check their values. With additional learning content and videos, you can get more out of the app for topics you want to learn more about in maths sections.

Minimalistic and straightforward in function, get the best out of the app, which comes in various languages for easy interpretation of mathematical problems.


  • Quickly solve any math problem.
  • Additional content related to the topic of concern.


Homework apps and planners are of great help for students to keep their progress up and track their workload and dues on assignments. With these apps, students can learn time management and boost their learning to achieve better grades and touch their subject goals. 

In this article, we talked about the top nine picks we have reviewed and gathered on Homework apps and hope that it has been helpful to find the right one for you. So, happy learning to all!


Is there an app that answers homework?

Chegg is the best choice of app that answers homework quickly. All you have to do is click a picture of your homework doubt and notify the solution within 30 minutes. 

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