Best Writing Apps for Kids

Writing is a vital skill that needs to be taught in kids since they are young. Not only does it keep them on their toes, but it also prepares them for the future. And in this technologically driven world, writing apps for kids have appeared as a new way to learn. Just like coding apps help them learn to code, writing apps help them learn the most basic skill you need i.e. “Writing”.

And when kids are young, they are always curious. It is the best age for them to learn something that would be beneficial for them. Writing apps for kids provide customized lessons that enable them to learn and grow. Each app is visually appealing to attract kids into learning. 

Writing apps are the non-conventional methods of learning which never disappoint. Besides the writing lessons, story lessons, and reading they host that will ensure that your kid has an overall development.

The Best Writing Apps for Kids In 2021

Letter School

Best Writing Apps for Kids - Letter School

The letter school is a basic alphabet learning app for kids who are just starting with writing. The app is best suited for kids around 3 to 4 years old. It has various types of outlines of alphabets that need to be traced over. Furthermore, it has an extensive array of designs for each alphabet so that the kids do not get bored. 

Alphabets are available in both lowercase and uppercase, as well as basic numerals. The kids are prompted to place their fingers along the lines. Tracing is first shown, and then the kids are supposed to follow the same pattern. 

The app consists of 4 very engaging games that are present for every letter and number. As the child’s knowledge increases, the levels get harder to keep the challenge alive and exciting. It is an entertaining and engaging app that truly helps children learn. The audio and visuals would keep the kids hooked throughout the process and ensure that they never forget what they have learned. 


  • Clever and attractive animations
  • Engaging content
  • Both lowercase and uppercase
  • Four level learning process


The app requires a payment of $2.99 to unlock all its features.

Writing Wizard

Best Writing Apps for Kids - Writing Wizard

This app is best suited for kids in pre-kindergarten who are just starting to string letters together into words. It helps kids to trace their fingers over numbers and alphabets. It has a very playful structure to it with silly voices and animation. And if your child suffers from handwriting, fine motor, or dysgraphia, then this might be perfect for you! 

The app helps children by guiding them through tracing the letters, numbers, and short stringed words. A reward is given after each level. It is highly customizable as well. Parents can select a font that would be most comfortable for the child. 

Handwriting can be changed between D’Nealian, ‘without Tears,’ Scandanavia, Zaner-Bloser, or the UK. A hand can be called that can be seen tracing over the displayed number of letters. The hand or red arrow then needs to be followed by the child to learn and remember. 

It has little animals, foods, and rainbows littered throughout the screen that wouldn’t fail to make your child giggle! This would certainly keep your child engaged!


  • Interactive games
  • 15 font options 
  • Exciting animation
  • Rewards after levels
  • Fully customizable according to child’s needs


The app is paywalled for $4.99 on iOS. 


Best Writing Apps for Kids - Grammaropolis

Grammarpolis is hailed as the pioneer of grammar-based apps for children. It is a little advanced app that is suited for children of 8 to 9 years old. The interface of the app is almost movie-like, with several animated characters teaching the children. 

Each animated character represents a specific part of the figure of speech. Verbs are our superheroes, and adjectives are artists.

With such an interactive and fun learning system, expect your children to get hooked right away. The animated characters explain each concept in detail and familiarize your kid with them. Real-life examples with animated scenarios would ensure that your child grasps the idea right away.


  • Interactive quizzes and tutorials
  • Fun music videos
  • In-depth grammar learning
  • Attractive animation and sounds


iOS (in-app purchases needs to be made for accessing content) 

Grammar Smash

Best Writing Apps for Kids - Grammar Smash

The app is perfect as a writing app for kids. It is built for children who are just starting basic sentence formation. It encompasses grammar lessons like prepositions, tenses, pronouns, modals, and much more. The interactive games are based on the ‘Fill in the blanks’ concept. Each blank needs to be filled in manually by children, and a timer marks the time taken. 

The games based lessons are endless, with 500,000 English sentences divided between over 100 games. It also includes vocabulary-building lessons with proper definitions given against each word. The grammar reference is color-coded according to requirements and can be navigated easily. It explains the sentence structure and the appropriate grammar that needs to be applied to it. 


  • Interactive games
  • Color-coded grammar reference 
  • Vocabulary builder
  • It helps improve reading speed



Writing Challenge for kids

Best Writing Apps for Kids - Writing Challenge for kids

It is a more advanced level English writing apps. It involves the creation of an entire story and is suitable for kids between 7 and 14 years. It is perfect for children who are very invested in the language and wish to create stories. It gives out specific prompts which can be pieced together to structure a coherent story.

It is relatively easy to use as well. After pressing ‘Start,’ several prompts would appear that helps to write the story. You need to select one that is the most instigating. Then eventually, after a set time, more prompts would keep appearing: places, people, characters, sentences, and actions. These can later be added to shape the story. 

The story needs to blend in with the new prompts, which makes it more fun and exciting!


  • A large variety of prompts
  • Gives vocabulary advice
  • Millions of creative writing ideas
  • Fun and engaging prompts


Narrator AR 

Best Writing Apps for Kids - Narrator AR 

The narrator AR app has been specially coded to help instill writing skills in young kids. It seeks to make pre-school learning fun and interactive. The first towards identifying themselves are writing down their names. And this is the app the enables that. Front writing single letters to stringing them together: everything is encompassed under it. 

It just requires your kid to pick up a pen and write. A complete AI experience backed by amazing visuals like rockets flying and rainbows emerging prompts the kid to write more and learn. It also gives a choice to choose a character: Unicorn (Bimbi) or the Rocket (Kluger). 

The app does not aim to make a child’s handwriting perfect. Instead, it seeks to make the process enjoyable. It is more about learning than getting it right. It slowly takes the child on a journey from writing their first letter to writing their names. And if you prefer a more traditional way of pen and paper, then this is the perfect technological representation. 


  • Attractive visuals
  • High-quality 3D animation
  • No in-app purchases 
  • Works offline


Benefits of Using Writing Apps With Kids

Early age learning

Young kids have a lot of curiosity, and they are always eager to learn. They are at an age where they could form a foundation for skills they would require in the future. And writing is one such skill. Writing apps help hone and teach these skills from a young age itself. Equipped with sound writing skills would be especially beneficial when they grow up. 

Technologically sound

Allowing kids to interact with technology from a young age would make them proficient with it. It also allows them to learn the better part of technology and understand its benefits besides just leisure. 

Once they know their way around words, when they shift onto keyboards, they can learn easily using the typing software available in the market. In usual cases, understanding such programs are a challenge for a kid.

Personalized content

Each kid is unique and has a different way of understanding. They learn at their pace. Conventional methods pit them to learn the same thing at the same speed, hindering their learning process. In contrast, the writing apps give personalized content shaped around the child’s specific requirements. They would be able to learn everything thoroughly at a comfortable speed.

Keeps them motivated

Traditional ways of writing can prove to be a little dull and monotonous. The writing apps for kids ensure that it is attractive and engaging, so the child pays attention. The interactive and appealing content teaches them essential skills while also being fun.


Teaching kids writing is no longer a daunting and challenging task. Writing can become very fun, easy, and interactive for your kids with little technological backing. The fantastic visuals and silly sounds would keep the children hooked while also ensuring that they learn something new every day!

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