Leapfrog Platinum vs Epic – What’s the Difference?

If you’re considering getting a learning tablet for your toddler, then you’re probably going to come across the Leapfrog series. We’ve all heard of them, and their 2 most popular tablets are the Leapfrog Platinum and the Leapfrog Epic.

However, what we don’t really know is how they differ, what their general prices are and which one would suit your child more. Typically, one tablet might suit a certain age group better than the other. But is this the case for these two? Well, let’s take a look at the two different tablets and see where they differ.

Leapfrog Platinum vs Epic

The main difference between the Platinum and Epic is that the Epic has an increase battery life, a faster processor and more memory. However, the Leapfrog Epic doesn’t allow you to play cartridges, whereas the Leapfrog Platinum does.

There are many similarities between the two – they have the same 2 megapixel camera, the same screen size and resolution, and they’re both designed for any age between 3-9 years old (though in my mind, they’re better for the younger ages of this). Let’s have a closer look at where these two different styles of learning tablet differ.

Processor & Memory

The main difference between the two tablets is that the Epic has a faster processor and more memory. Where the Platinum uses a 1gHz processor, the Epic uses a 1.3gHz processor. So, it is slightly faster than the Platinum. As well as this, the Epic allows you to store up to 16GB worth of files, whereas the Platinum will only allow you to store 8GB. This might not sound like a lot, but it’s actually quite a significant difference.

Battery Life

The battery life of your tablet is important, especially if you plan on taking it with you on journeys outside of the house. The battery life difference between the Platinum and the Epic is minimal, with the Epic having an average 6 hours battery life compared to the Platinum’s 5 hours. Again, not much but it is another area where the Epic is slightly better.


Another area where these two differ is the actual games themselves. With the Epic, you don’t actually have the ability to insert cartridges like you do with the Platinum. Instead, you can download content directly onto the device from the Amazon App store, which you can’t do with the Platinum. Each person will have their preference between the two for this, but for me that makes the Epic a little better due to convenience.

As well as this, it’s worth mentioning that the Epic doesn’t have a d-pad for you to use. In all honestly, most kids don’t use the d-pad on the Platinum anyway, so this was probably a conscious decision made by Leapfrog.


Both tablets are typically within the same price range as each other, retailing at just over $100. However, the Epic does have a slightly higher price. When we consider all of the additional features it has, it probably does warrant this extra cash when compared to the Platinum.

Parental Restrictions

Another area where these two tablets slightly differ is the parental controls they allow you to place. The Epic has an advanced version of this, so although they’re very similar, you’ll actually have a little bit more control with the Epic.


Overall, both of these Leapfrog learning tablets offer good value for money, and can be an extremely important tool in your child’s development. Although some parents are still scared to introduce technology to their kids, as long as you limit the amount of time they’re using them then they should be fine.

Generally, the Epic is going to be a better choice for your child if you want more customization and a faster machine. But, the Platinum is still a perfectly fine tablet too. Learning tablets like Leapfrog’s are awesome as part of a full group of educational toys. Plus, you have the option to put parental controls on these tablets anyway, so if you want this for a young child (it’s recommended for kids between 3-9), then you can go ahead and do so!

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