Elementary School Teacher Career Guide

Are you looking for a rewarding and challenging career path? Becoming an elementary school teacher might be right for you!

This guide provides an overview of the role of an elementary school teacher, including job requirements, helpful skills and experience, how to become a teacher, salary and job outlook, and additional resources.

Read on to learn more about the profession and decide if it is the right fit for you.

Job Description and Requirements

What qualifications are needed to become an elementary school teacher?

The most basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, followed by state-specific certifications and licensure exams. A background in the liberal arts, with a focus on science and math, is also helpful.

Elementary teachers must be patient and flexible in working with young learners, and have experience in classroom management. Additionally, they should possess a commitment to professional development and pursue educational opportunities.

Helpful Skills and Experience

Having experience in classroom management and a background in the liberal arts, with a focus on science and math, are two key skills that elementary school teachers should possess.

Patience and flexibility in working with young learners is also essential for success in the elementary school classroom.

Furthermore, teachers should be able to develop foundational skills in a variety of subjects and demonstrate commitment to their professional development.

Demonstrating these skills will help ensure that teachers are able to create engaging and stimulating learning activities for their students.

Gaining experience in classroom management during a baccalaureate program is a great way to hone these skills.

Additionally, students can gain experience in the classroom by completing internships in elementary school classrooms.

How to Become an Elementary School Teacher

Frequently, becoming an elementary school teacher requires a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, successful completion of state licensing exams, and obtaining a license through the state board of education. Accordingly, aspiring teachers should pursue education and experience in the field, including internships in an elementary school classroom. Additionally, earning higher degrees, such as a master’s, and subject-specific certifications can open up more job opportunities.

Step Action
1 Earn Bachelor’s Degree
2 Complete Internship
3 Take State Licensing Exams
4 Obtain License

Salary and Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for kindergarten and elementary school teachers is $61,690 per year, and employment of elementary teachers is expected to grow 4% through 2031. Salaries can vary widely depending on experience, highest degree earned, and location/district.

Math, science, bilingual studies, and multiple endorsements may increase job opportunities. Job opportunities may also vary based on school sizes and budgetary concerns.

With the right qualifications and certifications, teachers can find a rewarding career in elementary education. Professional development and education are key to success in the profession and are essential for staying up-to-date on the latest trends and standards. Experience gained in college internships can also help to boost job prospects.

With the right qualifications and certifications, a career as an elementary school teacher can be a rewarding and meaningful experience.

Additional Resources

Moreover, aspiring elementary school teachers can find valuable resources online such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2022 Occupational Employment and Wages, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, and Teacher Certification Degrees. These websites offer salary information, insights into the profession, and information about teaching degrees and careers.

Furthermore, contact information for Teacher Certification Degrees is available, as well as privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms of use and disclaimers. This wealth of information can help aspiring teachers make informed decisions about their career and gain a better understanding of the profession before embarking on their journey.


Elementary school teaching is a fulfilling and rewarding profession that requires dedication and hard work.

To become an elementary school teacher, prospective teachers must meet job requirements, possess helpful skills and experience, and obtain the necessary qualifications.

Once qualified, elementary school teachers can expect a competitive salary and good job outlook.

With the right resources and information, prospective teachers can make an informed decision about whether or not this career is the right fit for them.

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