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10 Best Typing Games For Adults

Technology has taken up a step forward when it comes to advancing in every generation. It is quite a surprise to see how we have gone from writing on paper with a pen, and now a device like a laptop has become an essential component for daily work.

Typing has become a skill that is required to be known to everyone by common standards when working on a project or simply doing a PowerPoint presentation on your device.

Now, students who acquire this skill of fast and accurate typing have a greater advantage in tackling any digital task thrown in their way and increases their concentration power with constant typing that has no mistakes. This way, your child will be able to manage their time and effectiveness in their work.

We have brought you the top ten picks of typing games that will keep you and your child engaged, so read ahead to find out all about them!

10 Best Typing Games for Adults & Kids 

Keeping in mind the interactiveness of typing games that will be easy for your child to use and improve your speed and accuracy as an adult, we have compiled our top 10 picks for the best typing games for adults and kids:

Animal Typing

Animal Typing

Animal Typing is a fun and interactive way to train your child for typing. With its cute graphics and excellent interface, it will be a good choice of a Typing and Writing application for your child to play on.

The key point of this typing game is the faster you type, the faster your animal will go. But you have to be careful when it comes to tackling errors and typos, which may cause your accuracy to go down!

Animal typing is a great way to train your child on touch typing on your mobile device so they can master the skills of precise typing through quality graphics and fun learning. You can purchase the app’s subscription on both the play store and the Apple app store.


  • 28 lessons for keyboard learning.
  • Includes 32 lesson modules for kids under ten years.
  • Animated fingers to show proper gestures when typing.
  • Advanced lessons for special characters.


The Typing Cat

The Typing Cat

The Typing Cat application is one of the best typing games for adults, professionals, tutors, programmers, and teachers who are looking to improvise their typing skills in various fields. 

The application offers various courses ranging from typing words accurately along with punctuations, letter capitalization, and continuous letter sequences to make your article writing much better and appealing to the eyes.

Apart from these, the advanced modules also include ways to type HTML projects, legal terms, programming scripts, and different course subjects like maths, geography, etc.


  • Advanced lessons on HTML, law, school courses.
  • Suitable for adults above the age of 20.
  • Easy to use and understand.

Link:- The Typing Cat



The most suitable typing website, TypingClub, is a freely accessible typing program for kids and adults, which provides a fun way to learn accurate and precise typing.

The website is partnered with Google education to provide more than 600+ lessons based on letter writing, punctuation, fast typing, and minimizing errors. This way, your child can easily reach the hallmark of 75 words per minute and train themselves to never miss out on long articles and project writing.

It helps with your child’s creative development with multiple different lesson plans and educational approaches, which will help them attain the basic life skill needed to tackle certain tasks.


  • 600+ lessons
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Suitable for age 12+

Link:- TypingClub

Keyboard Climber 2

Keyboard Climber 2

An easy and fun approach for your child to effectively develop fast typing skills, the Keyboard climber 2 is a great choice for children below the age group of 15 who are in their learning curve.

All your child has to do is type as fast as possible to make the monkey jump higher and reach the moon! Your kid needs to concentrate and repress the right key at the right time, which will be displayed on the screen for the monkey to jump one rock higher.

But careful you have to be as one wrong letter, and your monkey will end up having a coconut landed on its head. This cool approach to the game will help your child regulate their letter recognition ability and be accurate in their typing!


  • Good for children below age 15
  • Engaging and interactive

Link:- Keyboard Climber 2

TapTyping- Typing Trainer


A great app for teens and adults looking to improve their typing and accuracy, TapTyping brings you the ease of learning from your mobile device!

Coming with a global scale leaderboard to map your progress is quite an innovative approach to making your typing skills better on your touch-screen, as it is difficult when typing on a desktop/PC. 

With innovative lessons and advanced modes, you can track your improvement by the heat map after every module to show your accuracy and error. 


  • Different drill practices
  • Fun and interactive




A completely free game that brings your inner retro child out, Keyman is quite a great way to train your kid on how to navigate letters and keys on your mobile or PC.

Adapted from the famous game Pac-man, all you have to do is help your avatar eat all the dots before the enemies eat it up, just like the retro game! 

The twist in this is just the way it sounds; instead of moving your Keyman around with the arrow keys, you have to move it with the letters and alphabets that appear around it, so go ahead and have fun learning how to type fast with this wholesome game!


  • Fun learning
  • Catching and engaging

Link:- Keyman



Being one of the best applications for typing in the market, Typesy is a great choice to improve your typing skills on your keyboard. With various modules ranging from building speed, accuracy, muscle memory, and grammar, Typesy offers an all-in-on course for you and your child.

It is perfectly suitable for teens and adults looking to get their typing faster, accurate and fluent when it comes to writing long texts and works and gives complete control over your work progress on this website.

The app can easily work after a one-time payment without having to worry about constant subscriptions. It also provides you with customizable lessons, which will greatly benefit your child’s learning and make it easy for them to handle courses from the base.


  • One-time payment
  • Customizable courses
  • Hundreds of lessons and modules

Link:- Typesy

Typing Fingers

Typing Fingers

Made by keeping in mind the way children can handle typing, the game comes with many features to help your child learn their way to build skills in speed typing.

Coming with 32 different levels, Typing Fingers helps your child understand how letters, numbers, and symbols work.

The initial stage shows a tutorial on how to memorize the patterns and use the right fingers to develop muscle memory. Later on, the app becomes more interactive with mini-games like shooting the correct letters and numbers, and finally, a timer is set to denote your progress.


  • Engaging
  • Fun and interactive
  • Easy to track progress

Link:- Typing Fingers

Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer

An ideal typing program for beginners, Typing trainer, comes with various guides and tutorials which aids you and your kid to get better with your typing skills.

These tutorials involve how to quickly type basic words and sentences into more complex paragraphs and with a reduced load on your fingers when typing accurately.

The app also provides skill tests after every lesson to track your progress in your typing, so it becomes an efficient tool for you and your child to learn how to type better.


  • Skill test provided
  • Efficient and easy.

Link:- Typing Trainer

Typing Ninja

Typing Ninja

A great adaptation of the popular internet game called Fruit Ninja, we cannot emphasize enough how good of a typing game this one can be.

All your child has to do is press the appropriate key to cut one fruit, similar to how you swipe to cut the fruit on fruit ninja. Typing Ninja is a great way to improve your child’s typing and speed through visuals and a captivating interface.

Now you can watch your kid chop all the letters and excel in the game that gives the freedom to choose between 3 different difficulty levels and an engaging game for them not to get bored at all!


  • Interactive learning
  • Good graphics 
  • A good approach to a typing game

Link:- Typing Ninja


All these typing games for adults and kids will help them learn the basics and advances of reading and writing. We have curated this list after testing all the platforms, their features, and availability.

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