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If you’re planning to visit Thailand for a long stay or even a holiday, then it can pay to learn the language before you go. Or, you might already be in Thailand and wonder what all the locals are saying! Either way, an app can make it easy to learn the language so you can communicate with Thai’s.

However, Thai isn’t the easiest language to learn, especially for English speakers. There are many different tones in Thai, which is one of the most difficult things to get used to. As well as this, there are more consonant and vowel sounds too, however most of the sounds in Thai are the same as in English. So, whilst it isn’t easy, it isn’t impossible for you to learn Thai.

A good way to do this is by downloading a Thai learning app! Thai isn’t as common as other languages, so there are less out there for you to choose from. However, here are some of the best Thai learning apps to help you learn Thai quickly and easily.

Best Thai Learning App

Thaipod 101

When I originally went to Thailand last year, I downloaded Thaipod 101. They have quite a lot of sales on their product, so it might be worth searching around and seeing if you can find a sale that they have on.

If you want things broken down substantially and only want to spend 15-30 minutes a day learning Thai, then this would be a good choice. Thaipod 101 breaks things down into different sections, so you start with the word sounds then onto the vocabulary and common words etc. Every lesson has both a written transcript and an instructor guided video, which is very helpful as many words in Thai might sound different than they look.

Learning the Thai alphabet is very difficult, however you will have the ability to do this with Thaipod 101. You can take advantage of their many flashcards if you want, and if you’re really serious about learning Thai, then upgrading from the basic package to a more expensive one can get you your own personal Thai tutor.

Thaipod 101’s pricing structure is set up that if you purchase a longer period of time, you’re going to get a much better deal. For example, for 1 month you can pay $8 for the basic version. However, it’s only $96 for two full years of Thaipod 101. This means that you’re basically getting a whole year free as opposed ot if you were to pay monthly!

It works well on both desktop and via the app too, which is a common problem with language apps unfortunately (they don’t always work well on both!). So, if you’re looking to learn the Thai language, then it’s probably worth checking out Thaipod 101 as your first port of call.

Nemo Thai

If you’re looking for something a little less comprehensive than Thaipod 101, then I’d advise you to take a look at Nemo Thai. It’s free, which means that you don’t have to invest any money in it. It can easily help you to learn the basic Thai phrases that you need to know.

The best thing about Nemo Thai in my opinion is the quality of the audio transcriptions, as many apps have the Thai speaking a little off. However, Nemo Thai has the correct tones and words for pretty much everything.

Like many free apps, if you want to upgrade to the full plan then you will have to pay a monthly fee. However, if you like the style of learning that this app provides, then this isn’t going to be much of a hardship for you. Overall, if you aren’t ready to pay for a Thai app yet, then I’d advise downloading the free version of Nemo Thai to get started with the basics.


For those really serious about learning Thai quickly, then I’d advise you to chekc out the app Italki. It is a place where tutors and students can connect, and it can help you to learn Thai without just looking at recorded videos.

You can find a Thai tutor on Italki for as little as $8-10 an hour. This can be a great way to learn Thai for people who are more interactive. It is easy to connect with a Thai tutor and you can schedule some slots in throughout the week. So for example, you could book 3 x 1 hour slots with a Thai tutor for between $24-30 dollars. This would be enough time for your to pick up Thai pretty quickly.

Most of the tutors on Italki are very experienced, and they can give you guidance on what books and other materials that you may need to learn Thai. Overall, Italki is one of my favorite apps for learning not only Thai, but any language. So, it is definitely worth your consideration if you’re trying to learn the Thai language.

Questions about Learning Thai

What is the easiest way to learn Thai?

If you’re trying to learn Thai, I’d advise you to get a tutor, or at the very least get a tutor instructed video series. Thai is a tonal language, which makes it really difficult for Westerners to learn out of books and writings.

Is it easy to learn Thai?

If you’ve already learned another language, then you should have no problem picking up Thai. The spoken language itself is actually quite straightforward to learn, however the difficult part is actually learning the alphabet and writing in Thai.

How long would it take me to be fluent in Thai?

If you’re looking to become fluent in the Thai language, then I’d estimate it would take the average person between 1-2 years of consistent learning before they could say they could speak Thai. However, real fluency might even take a little longer than this for some people.

Can I learn Thai on Duolingo?

As of now, Duolingo doesn’t currently support the Thai language. This is why there are so many other apps out there for us to choose from!

Is learning Thai worth it?

If you’re planning to spend some time in Thailand – no matter how long – it’s definitely worth learning some Thai language. Locals are usually very friendly, and they’ll be impressed that you’ve taken an interest in learning their language! You can also consider learning Chinese and learning Japanese.


All in all, learning Thai shouldn’t be a chore – it should be easy and fun! There are many options out there to choose from, but Thaipod 101 is undoubtedly the most comprehensive of them. So if you really want to learn Thai, this is where you should start.

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