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Spanish is one of the most common languages in the world. So, it makes sense that if you can already speak some English or you’re fluent, that Spanish would be the next language you should learn. If you already know English, then you should find it relatively straightforward to learn Spanish too!

But there are many different Spanish learning apps out there to choose from. This can make it really difficult to know which Spanish learning app is best. However, we can help! Lets look at the best Spanish learning apps you can download today.

Best Spanish Learning App

Cat Spanish

If you’re looking for a free, fun app to help you learn Spanish quickly, then one of the best ones out there is

Of course, there’s one key theme that runs through this app, and I bet you can tell what it is by the name of the app! Yep, this app is entirely based around cats, and it uses them to help you learn Spanish in a more fun way. So, if you’re looking for an app for a younger person, then this is definitely a good choice. There are a lot of different lessons and challenges for you to undertake to help you learn the language quicker.

Actually, this app was created by the same people over at Memrise, which is another good app if you’re looking for something more in depth.


As I mentioned, Memrise is a more comprehensive app than most others out there, especially the free options – you’re always going to get a better experience with a paid app than a free one.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend a whole lot of time using Memrise every day to improve your Spanish. As little as 20-30 minutes a day over the course of a year would improve your Spanish a lot, enough to have a conversation with a Spanish person.

There are many different parts to Memrise, from it’s Speed Review which goes over what you’ve previously learned, to it’s Difficult Words, which is specifically designed to help you tackle words that are more complex. But overall, Memrise is still one of the best apps to use if you want to improve your Spanish.


Another good paid Spanish app is MosaLingua, which is one of the more popular apps out there amongst Spanish learners. There is a free version of this app that you can download to test it out, but the paid version gives you much more information and is quite cheap in comparison to other apps out there.

MosaLingua uses the typical flashcard method to help you learn the language quickly. It’s a good app for beginners, as it will allow you to learn the language without having to spend a whole lot of time within the app. However, if you do invest time in the app, you can get through the flashcards quite quickly, which will help you learn quickly. Overall, MosaLingua is definitely another option that you’ll want to consider.


You’ve likely heard of Duolingo as one of the top language learning apps that you can use, and they’re a good choice if you’re trying to improve your Spanish.

Duolingo is a great option if you’ve got a trip to a Spanish speaking country soon and need to learn how to speak the language before you go. It will definitely enable you to pick up words pretty quickly, as their system makes it very easy to learn spoken Spanish.

As always, my main criticism of Duolingo is that it doesn’t go very in depth with learning the Spanish grammar. If you’re trying to improve your speaking and pronunciation skills , then Duolingo is a good choice. However, if you want to be able to learn Spanish more in depth, then I’d opt for a better paid app.

Common Questions about Learning Spanish

How can I learn Spanish by myself?

If you’re trying to learn Spanish by yourself, then getting a learning app is one of the best things that you can do. A good learning app will split your learning path into different topics, which helps to break things down and makes it easier for you to retain what you’ve learned. Another good thing about an app is that you ever need a refresher, then you can get one very easily.

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

The best way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking country; however, this isn’t possible for everyone. So, the next best thing is to get a Spanish tutor to help you along the way. Using a tutor along with a variety of other methods like an app, reading language books and watching Spanish TV can help you to pick up the language quicker.

How long does it take to learn Spanish?

If you’re going to put a lot of effort into speaking Spanish, then you should be able to pick the language up pretty quickly. For example, if you can spend 1-2 hours a day learning the Spanish language, then you should be able to pick the language up within 6-12 months. If you really want to be fluent in Spanish, then this can take anywhere from 12 months to a lot longer than this.

Is Spanish hard to learn?

Of course, this depends on which languages that you already speak. If you speak French, Italian or Portuguese, then obviously things will be a lot easier for you. However, even if you speak English, Spanish is not going to be the most difficult language for you to learn. As long as you stick to a dedicated schedule, then you should be able to pick the language up quite quickly.

How many Spanish words do I need to know to be fluent?

The amount of words it takes to be fluent in Spanish is the same as many other language. Most experts agree that when you know 10,000 or more words in a language, then you have gained fluency in that language.


In conclusion, Spanish is the best language to learn if you’re trying to improve your communication whilst travelling through South America. It is one of the widest spoken language, so it’s definitely a good thing to have in your arsenal.

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