Best Piano Learning Apps

If you’re trying to learn how to play the Piano, then it’s difficult to learn things on your own. Many people get tuition to learn how to play the piano, at least in the beginning. However, one way that you can accelerate your progression is by using a good piano learning app.

The app can help to guide you on what you need to do moving forward. It won’t be a complete replacement for a tutor, but it is definitely a good option if you want to learn on your own. So, let’s take a look at some of the best piano learning apps currently available.

Best Piano Learning Apps



If you’re just getting started with the piano, then the first app that I’d recommend you to check out is Flowkey. It’s a good app even if you’re more advanced at piano, but for beginners, in my opinion it’s the best out there. You can download it really easily and set it up with your piano or keyboard.

There are many good things about this app. It has a really wide variety of songs at all levels, so you’ll never run out of new things to play. The user interface of the app itself is really good and intuitive, even if you’ve not used an app to learn before it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it. You can also track your progress really easily on Flowkey, so you know how well you’re doing and how fast you’re learning.

Another good thing about Flowkey is that you can easily set up a splitscreen with a video of someone playing the piano at the same time. If you’re the type of person who might benefit from the ability to follow along with someone else playing, then this is a great feature. There also many different playing modes for you to choose from too.

All in all, I’d say that Flowkey is probably the best out of all the piano learning apps that are currently out there.

Simply Piano

Another one of the top apps that is out there right now is called Simply Piano. It’s a good choice for those that are after a lot of different lessons.

If you want to get an app that can be used by more than one person, then this one is definitely a good choice. In one account you can set up several different users, which makes it easy to tell where you last got to. Another good thing about this app is that every lesson starts with a recap of the least lesson. So, if you want to gradually learn as you go, it’s important to know where you last got to!

The course also makes you take each lesson individually, and it won’t let you pass until you complete it! So, you really do have to improve your piano skills when using this app. The only downside of Simply Piano is that it is quite expensive, even if you sign up for one of the longer packages. So whilst it’s another good choice, it isn’t the cheapest piano learning app out there.

Playground Sessions

If you haven’t heard of Playground Sessions, then you’ll likely have heard of the co-creator of this app Quincy Jones. The famed pianist has lent his name to this app as a stamp of approval, and he is actually one of the instructors too.

Obviously as it has Quincy Jones as a co-creator, it has access to a ton of great music which you’ll find featured in this app. If you want a wide variety of different songs to play, then this is definitely a great option. Also, the way that this app is designed is for it to be more like a fun game to play, similar to Guitar Hero. This makes it a really good choice for younger kids.

Although not as good as the other two in my opinion, Playground Sessions is another good choice for those looking for a solid and proven way to improve your piano skills.


All in all, these are just a couple of the best piano learning apps currently out there for you to use. If you’re looking for the best one out there, then personally I’d go for Flowkey. However, there are other options which are a good choice too, like Simply Piano. Check out these great learning apps too.

Learn the piano isn’t easy, but getting the right app to help you along the way can make things a lot easier.

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