Best Martial Arts for Kids to Learn

If you’re looking for the best martial arts for your kids to learn, then you’re in the right place.

In this technological age, it’s very easy for kids to spend their entire day in front of the computer, the TV or their video game monitor. One of the best ways to keep your kids mobile and healthy is to try and find a sport that they’re interested in.

However, not all kids want to play football or basketball. If your kids are showing no desire in playing team sports, then starting martial arts might be the perfect thing to keep them active – both mentally and physically.

However it isn’t always easy to know which martial arts will be good for them to learn, especially if you’re worried about them getting hurt. So, which martial arts are safe for kids? Well, we will look at a few that might be a good idea if you can find a center in your area.

Best Martial Arts for Kids to Learn

Before we start, I’d better mention that pretty much any martial art has the ability for someone to sustain an injury. However, some are more focussed on grappling, whereas others focus on strikes.

The reality is that your child is probably more at risk of serious injury doing other common sports like ski-ing, or horse back riding. So although there is some risk of injury, it’s no more than some other sports.

Plus, the most important thing you can do for your child if you want them to start a martial art is to find them a good gym that follows practices safely! Spend some time at a gym beforehand – maybe even watch your kids first few sessions – to ensure that they’re being trained properly. Anyway, here’s some of the best martial arts for kids to learn.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

One of the main reasons why BJJ would be a perfect martial art for a kid to learn is that it’s whole focus is on self defence.

Another reason why BJJ might be a great options is that it allows weaker kids the chance to have a chance against stronger opponents, as the focus is to utilize your art and leverage this to your advantage (this is why BJJ is taught to women in self defence classes!).

Probably the main reason why I’d suggest BJJ as a good martial art for kids to learn is really because it’s fun! With BJJ, kids won’t have to form a pose for a minute or learn how to meditate (although maybe that would be beneficial for some!). It’s very engaging, and it will also help your child to work together with someone as BJJ practice is typically done in pairs.

Overall, BJJ is one of the first martial arts you should consider if you want your child to learn a martial art.


Taekwondo is another sport to consider if you want a popular martial art with a focus on safety.

If you want a martial art that will teach your kid more than just athleticism and fitness, then maybe you’ll want to look at Taekwondo. With a high focus on respect, your child won’t get far in Taekwondo if they can’t follow rules (or learn to follow them!). The five tenets of Taekwondo are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and spirit.

Taekwondo is also safe, primarily because of the large amount of equipment worn when practicing. Not only this, but in Taekwondo you are taught to kick with the leading leg, which cannot generate as much power as the standing leg. Whereas in Muay Thai, most kicks come from the standing leg, which can generate a lot more power and can increase the likelihood of causing damage.

So, Taekwondo is another perfect martial art to learn if you would like your child to gain more discipline.


Whilst Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is primarily focussed on grappling, and Taekwondo is primarily focussed on striking, Aikido mainly uses throws and blocks as a form of self defence against an opponent.

Aikido is intentionally a non aggressive martial art. The whole point of it is to be able to defend yourself the right way, without causing your attacker harm at the same time. For those interested in teaching a child discipline, Aikido would be perfect, as the ‘martial art of peace’ encourages kids to control their movement.

Learning Aikido can have a positive effect on a child’s life in more than just a fitness aspect. It can teach you to enjoy life, care for others and it will probably help them with their schoolwork too due to the clarity it can give your mind. All in all, Aikido is another martial art that you’ll want to consider for your child.


Of course, this is all just my opinion on what I think would be a great martial art for a child in general. The reality is, for your child they’ll likely much enjoy one over another.

There’s nothing wrong with taking your child to a few different martial arts classes and seeing which one they like the most. You should be able to find a gym in your area where you can take them down for a trial session. Don’t worry about upsetting the trainer, as they’re very understanding that kids will have their preference and they won’t be offended.

These are just some of the best kids martial arts, so why not do your own exploring and see which one you think your child would like the best!

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