Best Learning Tower for Toddlers 2020

A good learning tower is not that easy to find. There are quite a lot of different options out there, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

If your child is enthusiastic to help you out in the kitchen, then you’re probably going to want them to be getting their hands dirty as soon as you can. A good way to do this is with a learning tower, sometimes also referred to as a kitchen helper. A good learning tower is a sturdy base for a child to stand on so they can reach a kitchen worktop, or somewhere where they wouldn’t normally be able to get to.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a learning tower, then lets take a look at some of the best options available which might help you child to get started.

Best Learning Tower

SDADI Learning Tower

The first one on our list of best learning towers is SDADI which is well known for crafting long-lasting and high-quality wood material furniture for home and office purposes. 

SDADI Learning Tower or kitchen helper is made up of solid pine wood and is finished with child-safe polyurethane paint that makes it easier to clean. The wood is strong enough to handle 150lbs of weight without breaking down and can even handle a little more than that.

You can also adjust the platform of SDADI Learning Tower to suit so that your young one reaches the counter height easily. This means that you won’t need to purchase a different model in a year when your toddler has grown, as it has an adjustable height platform.

This kitchen helper comes in a classic wood color, which should blend in with any kitchen or bathroom. It’s ideal for kids of 18 months up to 3 or 4 years of age. With the anti-slip strips it has on its legs, it should give your child a feeling of security when using it.

If you want a reasonably priced learning tower, it’s probably a good idea to look at this SDADI model. It’s one of the bestselling products online, and the majority of its reviews are great, so you can be sure you’re going to get yourself a good deal.


  1. Easy to clean
  2. Adjustable height
  3. Does not wobble
  4. Easy to move around
  5. Suitable for a two-year-old


  1. Requires assembly 
  2. Pinewood is cheap, and termites love munching it

KidzWerks Standing Learning Tower

Next on our list of best learning towers for toddlers is crafted by Kidzwerks, specializing in making standing towers for kids. It is made up of birch wood, which is strong, durable, and suitable for making modern-looking furniture. 

This standing tower is more like a step stool with three levels that can be customized according to your requirements. You can quickly assemble the learning tower without requiring any professional assistance.

This kitchen helper comes with screw covers and anti-slip pads for safety purposes, which is a plus point, and your child will definitely love it. The tower is well built and can handle up to 140lbs without breaking down or wobbling and can be easily adjusted according to the counter height of your kitchen.

Kidzwerks Child Standing Tower is sturdy, strong, and easy to fold. You can disassemble and carry it from place to place. Furthermore, it is stylish and comes in four colors, navy blue, cool grey, bright white, and natural wood.


  1. Easy to disassemble
  2. Comes in four vibrant colors
  3. Made of birch wood
  4. Inclusive of anti-slip pads and screw covers
  5. Adjustable steps


  1. Difficult to move around due to heavyweight
  2. Dowels do not fit sometimes

Guidecraft Contemporary Learning Tower

While choosing the best learning towers for toddlers, we couldn’t afford to miss out on Contemporary Learning Tower by Guidecraft. The company is an expert in crafting furniture and toys for kids.

If you are looking for a kitchen helper that is easy to carry from one place to another or save storage, this is the best one for you. Another notable feature is the nonslip feet, which prevent any wobbles and keeps the tower stable in any circumstances.

If you’re a little bit picky about what color the learning tower is, then it would pay to look at this model as it is available in a variety of different colors. You can adjust the height of this learning tower to either 14 inches or 17 inches, depending on which would suit you better.

It also has a stability mat in the platform too to make sure that your little one doesn’t slip whilst helping you with the dishes.

Moreover, this kitchen helper is exceptionally lightweight, so you’ll have no trouble moving it around the house. It’s also made from hardwood and plywood, so it should be enough to support your child comfortably. Overall, it provides another option if you’re looking for a good toddler learning tower.


  1. Anti-slip feet
  2. Foldable and easy to move around
  3. Assembling is easy and quick
  4. Adjustable height


  1. Small in height
  2. A little pricey
  3. Can hold only 125lbs

Ette Tete Convertible Tower

Another good choice, if you’re looking for a toddler learning tower, is this option from Ette Tete. It’s great if you’re limited on space in your house, as you’ll be able to tuck it away quickly in the corner or a cupboard.

While searching for the best learning tower for toddlers, this convertible helper tower caught our attention. One of the main reasons I decided to include this learning tower in the list is because it’s not just a standard learning tower. It’s actually convertible, which means that you can easily change the tower into just a set of steps without the restrictions and use it as a learning stool.

This is absolutely a perfect kitchen helper for when your little one is feeling a little more confident, and you’re happy to let them stand up without having the precautionary safety bars around them.

This learning tower provides another excellent option for those who want their children to learn more practically.


  1. Easy to assemble and move
  2. Made of birch plywood
  3. Strong and sturdy


  1. Tippy if your child leans on to one side

MEOWBABY Kitchen Helper Stool

If you are keen to teach basic kitchen activities to your toddler or help them to brush their teeth on their own, a learning tower is what you should get. MEOWBABY Kitchen Helper Stool is one of the best learning towers for children with step stools crafted while considering the safety, reliability, and quality of the product. 

It is made up of pinewood and has three adjustable variants that are 8 – 13 – 18.5 inches starting off the floor. You can conveniently adjust the tower’s height. Moreover, the tower’s total height is 35.5 inches, which is pretty good as the average height of kitchen slabs is also 35 to 36 inches. 

The edges of this tower are curved, ensuring the child’s safety, and the feet are a little wide, which takes care of the overall stability when the toddler is standing on the tower. 

This Montessori learning tower is ideal for babies between 3 to 6 years old, so if your toddler loves to climb, this might be the one for him.


  1. Sturdy and reliable
  2. Easy to adjust the height
  3. Natural wood color


  1. It does not have a rubber foot cover, makes noise while moving
  2. It comes preassembled in a huge box

Montessori kitchen step stool by Handmade

Next on our list is the Montessori learning tower by Handmade, which has a very appealing design, which is why we have included it on our list. It is a multipurpose stool that can be used as a table and chair and a learning tower, of course. 

It is made up of 16mm thick plywood with Hafele German quality fittings and comes semi-polished with no color so that you can paint it according to your child’s favorite color. The height of this tower is 35 inch which is considerably good. 

This learning tower is sturdy, stable, and can easily withhold 110lbs of weight and the best part is that your toddler will be able to move it quickly and wouldn’t topple while climbing on the tower in different ways.


  1. Stable and wobble-free
  2. Convertible, can be used as a table & chair
  3. Hafele german quality fittings
  4. It can be used as a table & chair


  1. Can only bear 110llbs of weight
  2. A little expensive as compared to other towers

TOETOL Bamboo Toddler Kitchen Step Stool

This modern-style kitchen step stool is one of the best learning towers for toddlers in 2021 on our list, suitable for kids over 18 months. 

TOETOL intelligently designed two additional anti-slip feet behind that gives sheer stability and installed six nonslip pads on the front legs of the tower and make sure your toddler safely stands on the tower even when you are not around.

Moreover, it is made up of 100 percent bamboo wood, which is dense and hardwood and 3 times more rigid than timber wood. This bamboo tower has rounded edges and no sharp cutouts, an important safety factor in constructing a product, especially for toddlers.

It can endure up to 150llbs of weight as it is made up of bamboo. Therefore it is strong enough to handle such weight. The dimensions are 15.3 x 19.7 x 36 inches, so you shouldn’t be concerned about the kitchen space. But the fact that it has only two adjustable levels disappointed me a little. 

Assembling the tower is easy, and you will receive an assembling tool and an instruction manual inside the package. You can use it for various purposes, such as being a kitchen helper, teaching your kids how to brush, have food on the dining table, and so on.


  1. 100% bamboo made
  2. Anti-slip pads and anti-slip feet for stability
  3. Easy to move around


  1. Only two adjustable height levels

Popin Lover Kitchen Helper Stool for Kids and Toddlers

Toddlers tend to shake the tables, chairs, and their bums wherever they sit, and that’s scary sometimes as the chair might topple and hurt the baby—keeping that in mind, Popin lover crafted this toddler learning tower which basically looks like one big and two small stools glued together.

The benefit of this design is stability, as the base covers a large surface area which is done for better stability. So you need not fear when your baby holds the handles and shakes off the tower in excitement.

Secondly, there are no sharp edges on the tower, which makes it completely harmless. The tower is made of solid wood and can easily handle around 150lbs without getting damaged or completely breaking down, all thanks to the quality construction of Popin lover. Furthermore, the screws, holes, and steps are durable and strong and work lifelong if taken care of. 

Assembling the tower is super easy as you will be getting the appropriate tools and instructions to do so. You can disassemble the step stool and use it separately also. 

It comes in only two colors, while and natural. You can paint the natural tower with the paint of your choice. With all such features, this can be considered the best learning tower.


  1. Quick assembly
  2. Strong and durable wood
  3. The stool can be used separately 


  1. Only available in two colors
  2. No pre-drilled holes for assembly

Things to Consider while Buying a Learning Tower for Toddlers

There are certain factors that you should be considering while buying a toddler learning tower. While creating a list, we decided to consider specific parameters that would make the learning tower we picked suitable for this list. 

We will share these factors with you to get a clear idea of how to buy a learning tower for toddlers. 

Wood quality 

A significant factor while choosing a toddler learning tower is the wood. We recommend a tower made of solid pine wood, bamboo wood, and plywood. A learning tower should be made of hardwood which can sustain at least 160lbs of weight.


Since the average height of a kitchen counter and sink is 35 inches, a toddler learning tower’s best height is at least 34 inches. Usually, you get to see towers with a height between 34-36 inches.

Furthermore, a toddler’s learning tower should have at least three levels of height adjustment.

Easy to assemble and move

No one would want a tower that requires a carpenter’s assistance for assembling. Usually, toddler learning towers can be easily assembled at home. The package comes with a screwdriver and other essential tools that are required for assembling. 

Furthermore, movability is also a factor to consider because a tower, once assembled, should be easy to carry around, and should not take too much space in the kitchen. No one would want to disassemble the toddler’s tower to move it from one room to another.

Multipurpose use

This factor is an option but worth considering. You should lookout for a tower that can be used in multiple ways, such as a stool, learning table, and chair & table.

Moreover, your child will grow up one day, and the tower will be of no use to him. Therefore, a tower that is easily disassemblable for using as a stool is also a good choice but is not a compulsory feature.

Benefits of Montessori Learning Tower

A part of Montessori Principles

There are several benefits of a learning tower. According to Montessori principles for toddlers, it is even considered a recommended product as it helps the child build up self-esteem at a recommended age. 

Safe for toddlers

Some toddlers are stubborn and always cry to reach out to the same height as ours while in the kitchen, and letting them sit on the kitchen counter or table is not safe. That’s why Montessori towers are used as it is covered from all the sides with safety rails, have anti-slip legs, and anti-slip pads that prevent slipping and toppling of the tower.

If we compare it with a stool, Montessori tower is far better in every aspect. Stools are good, too but only when your child is over 7 years old and understands that they can get hurt if the stool topples.

Stay connected with them

Another benefit of having a toddler’s tower is you stay connected with the toddler even when you are working. The toddler can sit on the tower, while you chop the vegetables, wash dishes, and sing songs for them, or teach them how to clean their own dishes.

Learn Basic Kitchen activities

Toddler’s tower is helpful in many ways, and one of the best benefits is that you can teach your kid the basics of kitchen activities such as cleaning dishes, food preparation such as pouring, mixing, baking, and other basic kitchen chores along with the development of gross motor skills which will help them in the future.

Learning Towers for Toddlers – FAQs

Are Learning Towers Safe?

One of the most common questions that parents have about learning towers is whether they are safe for their kids to use.

The answer is of course yes, but that doesn’t mean they should be using them unsupervised. If you are going to use a learning tower with your child, then you should ensure they’re supervised during this.

Are Learning Towers Worth It?

Learning towers can be extremely beneficial for young children to get a headstart doing activities that grown-ups do. Although they can be expensive, you can still find good deals for learning towers online.

What can I do with a learning tower?

Learning towers can be used for any activity where a child needs to be a little bit taller. One of the most common activities that learning towers are used for is helping to prepare food – kids love to help knead the dough. Other activities include washing their own dishes (the sooner they get into the habit of this the better!) and learning to brush their own teeth.

When should I start using a learning tower?

Learning towers can be used for a toddler but are best for a baby who is around two to six years old. However, many parents start using the Montessori tower as soon as their young ones cross 1 year.

Are learning towers suitable for toddlers?

Yes, learning towers are completely safe for toddlers. All of the towers are designed in such a way that it is covered from all the four sides and have anti-slip feet and pads installed.

What should I look for in a learning tower?

While choosing a toddler’s tower, one should look for a hardwood material, sturdiness, rounded edges, curved openings, and anti-slip feet.


All in all, these are just a few of the best options you’ll want to consider if your child looks like they’re capable of doing things themselves. A learning tower can be one of the best ways to help your child advance and learn new skills faster than normal. You can also consider some learning blocks.

If you’re considering getting a learning tower for your child, then hopefully this can help you get a little closer to making a decision. If you have any questions or any suggestions on what we can add to the list, please leave a comment below.

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