7 Best 3D Pen For Kids

Technology and science have been on the run on improvising in every moment of our lives. It is quite fascinating to see how 3D technology was found and introduced to humans, and since then, it has only kept getting better and better.

3D technology has been used in various fields for a long time and has presented us with really cool inventions like 3D printers, 3D movies, and now 3D pens that are some great ways for your kids to pass their time and be creative.

3D doodling pens have become a popular gift for today’s generation, which freely allows one to create 3D models by simply drawing them out using a pen. 

It’s quite a great thought of having your doodle come to life and see it in a third-dimensional view, unlike the 2D image on paper, which is a great way to build your kid’s creative side.

In this article, we will talk about the best 3D pens for kids to enjoy their DIY doodling and modeling in 2021, so read ahead to know more!

What to look for While Buying A 3D Pen for Kids?

The working principle of a 3D pen is that it uses a plastic filament or stick, which is melted and then used to draw objects and models according to your liking. The plastic used is completely biodegradable, so it is safe for children to use without worrying about it being harmful or toxic.

Now you may be looking for certain requirements needed in a 3D pen for your child’s birthday gift, so we have jotted down all the points to be noted to select the best one for your kid:

Should Work on All types of Surface

It would be best if you made sure that the 3D pen you are selecting is compatible on possibly all surfaces to give your child more freedom in their creative endeavors. 

The more it can be used on various surfaces, the better it is for your kids to explore their imaginations and doodle their pictures easily. So, you need to be pretty sure that the 3D pen you are selecting is versatile.

Timing of Plastic Coming Out from Filament

It is essential to keep a time check on when the plastic filament will be ejected from the nozzle as it has to be melted at an appropriate point for your child to be able to doodle without getting weird colors and shapes from it. 

You also need to keep in mind the material such filaments are made of as the requirement of heat may be different for them, and you need to judge it based on what filament your 3D pen offers you.

Cooling Time

The cooling time is an important part to be kept in mind when choosing a 3D pen for kids. The longer it takes to cool down, the worse choice it is as a 3D pen for kids as it may end up burning their fingers when doodling.

A good 3D pen should have a faster cooling rate so it is easy for the kids to create things easily without having to complain about the pen getting hot since the main reason the pen may get hot is due to the melting of the plastic inside.


The only issue current 3D pens available in the market for kids have is the clogging problem that happens if you do not pay attention to the time of the plastic being ejected out of the pen.

This ends up ruining the entire 3D pen, due to which it will not be usable anymore after a few attempts of trying to get it back together. A simple method to prevent having a clogged pen is to either remove the filament after usage or replace it with a new one when your kid has done playing with the 3D pen.


Every purchaser needs to keep in mind the warranty offered by the seller on the 3D pen. Being on a bit pricey side, it may not be possible to invest in a 3D pen that does not work properly or get it repaired on your own. 

If the 3D pen you bought for your kid experiences any clogging or heating issues, then you can easily get it replaced under warranty.

Our Pick for Best 3D Pen for Kids

3Doodler Create+

3Doodler Create+

With the all-new dual drive technology, the 3Doodler is one of the best 3D printing pen for kids, adults, and creators who are looking for a 3D pen that will let their imaginations run wild.

It comes with improved power durability and is quite reliable when it comes to doodling, and is certainly the best 3D pen for a 10 year old or above. 

The 3D pen also offers an application that provides all the step-by-step guides for creating different projects and stencils designs to refer to. You will also receive achievement badges for the completion of certain projects, which you can flaunt on your social media!

It is easy to use, for all you have to do is plug it in, put in the filament, and wait for it to heat up a little before going all out in making your favorite marvel character. The quality of plastic is great and made of biodegradable PLA and ABS that are suitable for children to work with.

The kit comes with stencils and 15 different colored filaments to make your creations more vibrant and colorful. Few things to keep in mind before getting this 3D pen one is that the metal tip gets extremely hot, so you should be careful to never touch it and seek help if you accidentally touch it.

The only drawback of this pen is the lack of optimum customer service and its low shelf life, so it may not be easy to get a replacement on this model.

What I like

  • Multicolor filaments
  • Easy to use
  • Durable

What I don’t like

  • Clogging issue
  • Poor customer service
  • Low shelf-life

MYNTD Super 3D pen

MYNTD Super 3D pen

The MYNTD super 3D printer pen for kids allows you to draw, create and repair anything you may be curious to explore and make. 

The build is based on a professional 3D pen but is suitable for kids who want to be introduced to something fun and exciting. Just like a pro-3D pen, this one comes with an easily replaceable gear nozzle.

The nozzle uses the new ultrasonic technique, making it clog-proof so your kid can have a smoother outcome when doodling around with the 3D pen. You can easily dial it in by adjusting the slider it provides to change the outcome speed of your filament when working on a design.

Easy to use, the red light on the side indicates that it is in power mode and the green light means that it is ready to be used for your creativity!

One drawback is the lack of temperature control on this device, but it offers a screw to switch between the PLA and ABS filament, which greatly benefits kids, adults, and teens.

This is possibly the best 3D pen for kids of all ages, just make sure your kid handles it with care.

What I like

  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Anti-clogging
  • Replaceable nozzle

What I don’t like

  • No temperature adjustment or indicator
  • Cheap build
  • Lack of extra filaments

MYNT3D Junior 2

MYNT3D Junior 2

The MYNT3D Junior 2 is specifically designed for children of age group 6-12, which is the perfect 3D pen for long hours of fun and play.

This kids 3D printer pen has no external heating components, unlike the other 3D pens available in the market. It comes with an internal temperature of 88 degrees celsius to maintain a consistent output of the filament.

It offers an ergonomic grip that is a perfect fit for children to hold and use the pen for making various models and designs. Another great thing about this pen is the clog-free nozzle adapted from professional 3D pens, so your kid will not have any trouble creating their doodles.

The 3D pen for kids also is advantageous over others in providing a long-lasting battery that lasts almost an entire day and uses a micro USB cable to charge so your child will not complain about it running dead in the middle of a project.

It is completely safe for kids and comes with a PCL bio polyester that is non-toxic, but the only bad point to be noted is that this 3D pen is incompatible with PLA and ABS filaments due to low-temperature requirements.

Overall, the MYNT3D Junior 2 is quite a good choice as a gift for your creative young ones.

What I like

  • Low-temperature requirements
  • Burn-proof
  • Safe for 6+ years age group
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Clog-free nozzle

What I don’t like

  • Incompatible with PLA and ABS
  • Difficult to find filament for the pen
  • Bulky in shape

3Doodler Start+

3Doodler Start+

A completely child-safe 3D pen, this mini doodling device may be all that you can ask for in a bundle.

The 3Doodler is designed keeping in mind to not include any hot parts which may give burns to your child. Its plastic body and nozzle are safe to touch and dissipate any heat building due to the melting filament.

Being a tactile pen boosts your child’s learning and cognitive abilities, so they can explore their creative side and bring forth cool designs and models to impress others!

The start+ kit comes with all the essentials needed to head on for a project, including a pen, 15 different colored plastic filaments, and a design booklet to give your kid inspiration for their first drawing.

The wireless mode of this pen avails charging in just 30 minutes which lasts for a good load of time to doodle anywhere. It is also RNIB approved, which is easy for kids with visual impairments to use the pen. 

3Doodler Start+ 3D pen age range is above 6 years, so this indeed is the best 3D pen for 9 year old, and even 14-year-old kids.

What I like

  • Completely made of plastic
  • Heat-proof
  • Variety of colored filaments


What I don’t like

  • Bulky build
  • Poor customer service

SCRIB3D Advanced Printing Pen

SCRIB3D Advanced Printing Pen

A great 3D pen for gift-giving, the SCRIB3D pen provides all the features for a great 3D pen used for doodling and designing.

With its sleek design and good grip, it provides an ultimate comfortable hold for long hours of usage and letting your kids explore their doodling imagination. The pen also comes with an LCD display which allows you to see and adjust the speed and temperature of the 3D pen.

It comes with eight different settings for speed which allows you to adjust the thickness and length at which your filament will get ejected from the nozzle.

Being beginner-friendly, you simply just plug it into the adapter, insert your filament, wait for the red light to turn green to indicate that your filament is heated enough for drawing, and let your creations flourish!

The pack also comes with three different colors of PLA filaments, an adapter, a guide to using the 3D pen, and a free stencil guide. The best part is the built-in features and anti-clog properties to assure your child of a great doodling session.

What I like

  • Great pen in a budget
  • Variety of features
  • Anti-clogging
  • Easy to plug and use
  • 1-year warranty

What I don’t like

  • Heating issues
  • Complex to understand
  • Not a great choice for children

MYNT3D Professional Printing Pen

MYNT3D Professional Printing Pen

Now your child can elevate their imagination to the utmost level with this gorgeous MYNT3D professional printing pen which comes with the FDM technology to enable them from creating anything and everything.

Being versatile, this 3D pen works with possibly any kind of 1.75mm filament available, say PLA, ABS to bronze, and silver filaments. This makes it a perfect gift for teens and adults who want to try their hands at 3D art and design.

With its step-less speed control, you can possibly conquer any speed mark you want to attain from the pen for varied results in your outcome. The max speed allows you to fill in large gaps and the min speed for extensive detail working.

It is portable and easy to handle with an ultraslim design, so you need not have to worry about it being bulky or uncomfortable to hold. 

Some notable extra features are the USB-powered port which allows you to take your device anywhere to be used freely, and its replaceable nozzle, which can be changed in just a few minutes. This is the perfect 3D pen for kids of all ages/

What I like

  • Easy to modulate and use
  • Compatible with any kind of filament
  • Quick charging
  • Portable
  • Slim in shape

What I don’t like

  • Complex features
  • Difficult to use for children
  • May heat up

MYNT3D Basic Pen

MYNT3D Basic Pen

If you are someone not looking for extreme features in a 3D printer pen for kids and just a simple one that can work just like any kids 3D printer pen, then the MYNT3D basic pen is the pick for you.

Built to be beginner-friendly, it is quite a good choice to introduce your young ones to 3D doodling. It is compatible with both the PLA and ABS type filament that is easily available in the market.

The Basic pen comes with three different speed modes for you to control the width and length of your filament ejected, so it is pretty easy to use instead of having to worry about it all the time.

It requires a common USB adapter which is a great thing as it makes it compatible with any USB adapter for as long as it provides an adequate amount of power.

The sealed nozzle and gearbox built in the 3D pen assure you of an anti-clog filament ejection, so your child will not have any problem while designing their favorite cartoons and superheroes.

This way, your child can turn any creative image into a 3D model for their imaginations to come alive!

What I like

  • Easily to use
  • Compatible with PLA and ABS filament
  • Different speed mode
  • Anti-clog

What I don’t like

  • Heating issues
  • Poor build quality
  • Plastic strand not easy to mold


Being an age for the generation to explore their creativity and imaginations via technology, the 3D pen has been a great play toy for children to build their cognitive skills. 

We talked about the best picks for 3D pens for children in this article ranging from the ones in the budget to child-safe ones as well as something more professional.

If we had to pick the best pen amongst all the ones listed, the MYNT3D junior 2 is the pick for children below the age of 12, for it provides all the features which make it child-safe and easy to be used.

The MYNT3D professional printing pen is for teens who want to explore more and create detailed artwork.

The alternative to this is the MYNTD super 3D pen that makes it supportive to be used by all age groups and is a good choice for people looking for a perfect gift on a fixed budget. 

We hope that this article has been helpful for you to find out which 3D pen for kids in the market is best to be given to children for their special days!

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