20 Best Learning Websites for Kids

Many modern classrooms across the nation already acknowledge how important it is to use technology in the classroom. When tablets, computers, and laptops become a part of a regular school day, it’s crucial to utilize all the resources they can offer.

One of the most enjoyable ways kids can use technology in the classroom is by accessing learning websites for kids. We have compiled a list of websites that offer everything from mini-games to child-focused educational articles and more. The best part? They are all kid-friendly and low-cost or completely free!

Here are twenty kid-friendly educational websites that your kids can start enjoying today.

Best Learning Websites for Kids


Starfall is an online educational website built for kids and founded upon the premise of positive reinforcement. This 501(c)(3) foundation provides free and low-cost classroom resources that encourage children to have fun while learning through play and exploration. Their website includes a compilation of age-appropriate games for children from Kindergarten to third grade and all subjects across the board.

PBS Kids 

PBS Kids online is the web-based companion to the television program designed to provide children with education-based entertainment. PBS Kids’ mission is to empower children to achieve academic success by using technology and media to build critical thinking skills, knowledge, imagination, and curiosity. Their 360-degree model aims to include caretakers, parents, teachers, and communities in the success of children both in school and in life. Their website is made up of fun educational games for children.

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids is an online database full of engaging educational content created with children in mind. Their website includes magazine extras, brain boosters, fact sheets, and more. They also have tabs dedicated to games, videos, and animals. All this, paired with the bright colors and fun graphics on their website, makes it a perfect destination for kids to learn and have fun while doing it! 


HowStuffWorks is an online platform stocked full of knowledge for almost every subject under the sun. The setup of their website is similar to that of a news website, with headings ranging everywhere from health and science to culture and lifestyle. As their name suggests, they have tons of articles detailing how things work, but that isn’t all they do. They also have informative articles about current events, free quizzes, and podcasts.


Scratch is an online platform made to help students learn how to code and program projects on the computer. Designed by MIT, the target audience for this website are children anywhere from age 8 to 16, but people of all ages can benefit from the resources on Scratch. Using this website, students can create projects and animations that come to life with the click of a button. Scratch is great for kids interested in STEM projects since it focuses on technology and math to reach the result.

NASA Kids’ Club

The NASA Kids’ Club website is a place created by NASA where kids can go to learn about NASA and play fun games in the process. This webpage also gives kids access to the NASA gallery and NASA TV, where they can get up close and personal with space, space equipment, famous astronauts, and more. Their website also has a dedicated section to high-definition videos that bring students face to face with NASA activities and initiatives.

ABCMouse Early Learning Academy

ABCMouse Early Learning Academy is a website offering a full learning curriculum for kids from ages two to eight. Their paid subscription program gives parents and kids access to a treasure trove of information that focuses on reading, math, science, art, and colors. Boasting over 9,000 activities for students to do and learn, ABCMouse Early Learning Academy is an excellent resource for any teacher to have.


Duolingo is a kid-oriented website with the mission of teaching more kids to be bilingual. Their model combines personalized learning, rewards, and immediate grading to help students learn a new language as efficiently and effectively. Duolingo has both free and paid options, making its platform inclusive of all students, regardless of their financial background.

Make Me Genius

Make Me Genius is a science-focused kids website that provides children with science videos and lessons, cool facts, tests and quizzes, and even science jokes. Their science lessons are short-form cartoon videos that use real-world anecdotes to draw in kids’ attention. Concerning inclusivity, this website has levels for children from Kindergarten up to 7th grade. 

Cool Math

Are you looking for fun maths games to make adding and subtracting more fun? Cool Math is a tried-and-true website that has everything you need to be successful. Their website also includes fun-filled pre-algebra, algebra, and pre-calculus lessons for kids to enjoy. Combine all that with its tools and reference section armed with standard math definitions, references, and a one-of-a-kind survival guide, Cool Math is a force to be reckoned with.

BBC History for Kids

If you’ve been searching for a way to make learning history more impactful to your students, BBC History for Kids is an excellent resource for you to take advantage of. Jam-packed full of information about ancient and world history, this website covers everything kids need to know. Children can play games and take quizzes to test their knowledge about the historical topics they learn about, as well.


Core subjects like math and science are undoubtedly essential for kids to know and understand, but it’s equally important that they stay up-to-date on current events. Having the tools needed to form their own opinions about societal factors is an integral part of learning for kids of all ages. Youngzine is a unique website database that provides news articles about current events for kids. They also have a section called Play Zine, where children can read funny jokes and play games to earn points towards putting their names on the website’s leaderboard.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids

The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids is a website dedicated to teaching students about weather patterns, moon phases, animals, plants, and more! This website is an excellent resource for kids of all ages, too, since the content isn’t specific for any particular age group. It also includes free stories and activities for children to complete in their free time while learning about the world around them.


Exploratorium is an online museum that enriches students’ knowledge of science, art, and human perception. Its online database of experiences allows children to get the experience of visiting a museum without ever leaving the classroom. Their subject matter consists of videos, photo galleries, blogs, and virtual exhibits for students to explore.


CryptoClub is a virtual math website that challenges students to crack ciphers and discover secrets while using math. This unique approach to solidifying kids’ understanding of math concepts is a great way to strengthen mastery in many core areas of mathematics. This resource also has a section dedicated to teachers that allows adults to create their own activities for students, making it highly customizable and perfect for any classroom.

The Happy Scientist

The Happy Scientist set out with a mission to bring an online database to students about all things science. It is 100% free, and no login is needed to gain access to the data on the website. In addition to offering materials that help students understand science, it also has science fair resources, information on state science standards, and a kid-friendly biography about the page’s creator, scientist Robert Krampf.

Magic Tree House

The fan-favorite Magic Tree House collection now has its very own website! Here, students can read about new books, play games, and join the Kids Adventure Club. This club rewards students for pages read in the Magic Treehouse books, which can be redeemed for virtual golden medallions or physical prizes such as books and on-brand merchandise.


Geared towards kids from 2-11 years old, Tvokids has an arsenal of videos, games, and apps focused on enriching kids’ educations. Its learn at home series is a great tool for homeschooling parents and traditional teachers alike, since it can be used as a lesson or as a supplement to what has already been taught in class. Tvokids has also created activities that put a fun twist on learning, such as a quiz that kids can take to learn what dinosaur they are.


Gain access to exciting videos, games, and books with FunBrain, a kids educational website covering kids aged from Preschool to eighth grade. This website has games and education about all main subjects, with a special focus on reading and math. Its content can also be filtered according to age group, making it easy to be sure your students get the most out of their time using FunBrain.


Technology has brought about a generation of children who enjoy playing video games and watching TV. Although the school doesn’t usually include these activities, that doesn’t mean they can’t be incorporated. BrainPOP is an animated educational website built for kids with sections for Science, Social Studies, English, Math, and more. It also has resources that help with the social-emotional development of school-aged students as well as pacing guides and lesson plans for children K-8 grade.

Learning Websites and Kids

Learning websites are a great way to make learning fun. Not only is it a fresh and new way to approach teaching in the classroom, but it also familiarizes kids with the technology that might be essential to the careers they hold as adults. Since there’s no doubt that the world is going in a more tech-savvy direction, it makes sense to incorporate this same technology in early classroom environments and beyond.

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