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Make Learning Epic!

Personalized Teaching.
As easy as you want it.

Make it easy to identify the educational needs of each student, motivate and reinforce their learning through a digital game-based curriculum and captivating characters that will improve their achievements.

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Create gaming playlists that match the classroom curriculum and learning pace.

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Add your entire class in just 15 minutes! With unlimited storage all classroom sizes are easily accommodated.

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Get parents involved in their child’s learning by sharing their achievements.

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Quickly create teams to assign targeted learning plans or for some friendly competition.

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Easily identify the areas where students excel and where they require additional support.

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Access to learning experiences designed for all learning styles.

Lifelong Learning.
So fun it won’t stop.

Encourage students to become lifelong learners by motivating them to learn with a personalized education and fun experiences accessible from any mobile device.

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Gaming experience according to their academic skills

icons bullets teachers Motivation

Captivating characters, adventures, and rewards

icons bullets teachers Multiplayer

Collaboration with other classmates

icons bullets teachers Support

Real-time feedback on progress

icons bullets teachers Multilingual

Content available in a student’s native language

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Easily connect with parents to reinforce the learning at home by sending them their child’s achievements and progress.

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